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Merry Christmas and happy new year to all our clients, from everyone at Counselling Rooms.
Here’s news of our New year offer to try to make counselling that bit more accessible in January 2018

Christmas and new year are of course a joyful time, but can also be difficult and challenging for many people. Holidays spent with family and friends may highlight tensions and relationship difficulties, and for some this can feel like a very lonely time of year. At new year we look traditionally back and take stock, and look forward to the year ahead. This can be a really positive process, giving us an opportunity to step back, look at ourselves and consider if we are heading on the right path, and sometimes this heightens our awareness that change may need to take place in our lives.

January is a great time to start counselling to look at these issues and start to move forwards in a positive direction, but it is also a time when everyone is feeling broke! At Counselling Rooms we’ve devised a January offer to try to help people access counselling at the time they need it most, at a discounted rate.

A group of our counsellors have offered to give new clients who start their counselling with them in January, 6 sessions at the discounted rate of £20 per session. This rate is open to all new clients, regardless of a person’s income.

The way it works is that at your first session you pay for the first 2 sessions – £40, then at each subsequent session you pay £20, in effect paying up front for the following session. You don’t pay anything at session 6, so if you attend all 6 sessions you pay just £120 in total. If you and your counsellor agree to continue with the counselling after this, you would then pay their normal rate, as agreed with them.

The counsellors who are offering this for all new clients who start in January 2018 are: Jo Cairns, Monique Woodcock, Ben Rath, Barry Taylor, Matthew Shah and James Knight. More information about them and how they work, and how to contact them directly can be found here.

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, simply browse the counsellors who are offering it, decide who appeals to you or seems like a good match for what you are looking for and contact them directly to make an appointment in January 2018. Provided that your first appointment is within the month of January you will qualify for the discounted rate.

All of the counsellors at Counselling Rooms offer some of their sessions at the discounted rate of £25 for people on means-tested benefits or low incomes, all year round. This isn’t affected by the above offer, and continues to be in place for clients already accessing it, and any new clients eligible for it throughout the year.

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