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Louise Taylor

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I’m Louise, a psychodynamic counsellor who is registered with the BACP.

My practice is psychoanalytically informed. This has a very here & now focus, looking at the patterns of difficulty we currently experience. We may notice symptoms that are causing distress or just feel something isn’t quite right. The focus is on our ways of relating; how we relate to ourselves and to others. This can be a specific focus or pattern (for shorter term work) or it may be more exploratory.

Psychodynamic counselling can help us to look at our distress in a safe space with an other. This may take us back to childhood, exploring where patterns developed from. Or we may mostly focus upon our current relationships, including the one that forms in the therapy itself. Doing this with a counsellor allows us to have the distress held, so that we can start to think about how things really are for us.

I am currently offering therapy via Skype, Zoom, Facetime and telephone appointments.

Anna Daly

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I believe the most important part of counselling, in order for it to be successful, is the therapeutic relationship itself.

I am an integrative counsellor and work with a wide variety of issues. I use a collaborative approach and work in a way that suits each individual client. I have worked with many different issues including, shame, guilt, anxiety, depression, sexual violence, trauma, sexual orientation, gender issues, anger, dissociation, and existential struggles. I have been counselling for just over six years and qualified in 2012. I was a support worker for six years during which time I qualified as a counsellor.

I am a registered member of the BACP and working towards accreditation. I have completed a one year foundation course in gestalt therapy and am hoping to one day complete the three year accredited gestalt psychotherapy training. In the meantime I continue to develop professionally and personally by completing various training courses.

I also work at Manchester Rape Crisis (MRC) and have experience of working with deep trauma. I have been there for five years and continue to develop in my knowledge of trauma and the impact of sexual violence. I have several roles at MRC, including: counsellor, helpline co-ordinator and trainer of the new helpline volunteers.

Jo Cairns

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Hello my name is Jo Cairns I am a Person-Centred counsellor and also supervisor working in creative methods. I have over 10 years experience working as a counsellor in the NHS and voluntary sector and also more recently in private practice.

I have particular interest and experience in areas of loss and rehabilitation, whether that be in a personal sense or health care setting involving clients with complex physical needs.

Loss of course affects all areas of life, not only in the sense of bereavement, but loss of belief in one’s self for example in issues perhaps surrounding low self esteem, anxiety or depression which can be a normal consequence of situations impacting on everyday life. Whether these are connected with work, personal relationships or health issues, life changing occurrences can cause disarray and a sense of unfamiliarity and a need to refocus. With this in mind I value working from a Person-Centred approach as I am fully aware of the intrinsic nature of our individuality and therefore trusting of our individual ability to reassess, in order to navigate and move forward. This belief alongside the hope to develop a quality rapport between counsellor and client in facilitating this growth is fundamental to my way of working.

I am currently offering Counselling via Skype and telephone appointments.

Juliet Birkbeck

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If you want to make changes in your life then counselling is very helpful.

I work from the basis that we all have the potential to flourish in this life but sometimes we encounter barriers that are hard to overcome alone.

Talking to a person who will listen but not judge can be genuinely life-changing. You discover qualities and strengths in yourself that you hadn’t previously recognised. It would be foolish however not to recognise that society puts up barriers to flourishing and these are not easily changed just by talking.

Poverty, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia etc. are real and painful and they need acknowledging in the work that we do. For some people bringing them into the open and recognising all the strands that make up each particular life story, is very important.

So my work includes:

I offer Counselling online and on the telephone.