Welcome to Counselling Rooms CiC, we are a not for profit social enterprise company providing private counselling at affordable rates. The company offers a range of skilled counsellors to allow potential clients to choose the right person to meet their needs. We are all fully qualified and experienced counsellors, with a wide range of expertise. Between us we offer counselling in several languages other than English and a choice of daytime or evening appointments. We work with individuals or couples, adults and young people and offer a sliding scale of fees or reduced rates for people on lower incomes.

We are based at a quiet and comfortable counselling space situated in Chorlton, South Manchester, near to public transport links and with free parking.

Counselling has been proven to be effective in treating or assisting with many common problems, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, low self-esteem, phobias, bereavement and loss, stress, work-related issues, trauma and abuse. For many people in need of help and support, access to the right counsellor without having to wait can make a real difference. By offering a service that has all the advantages of private counselling at reduced rates for people who could otherwise not afford it, we are opening up this service to a wider section of the community that would not otherwise have access to it.

We have delivered 75 counselling sessions in the last month (15th January 2017 – 14th February 2017), at a reduced rate of £20 or £25 to people on low incomes or in receipt of benefits. Each reduced rate session represents a financial contribution of £20 – as a normal rate for an hour’s counselling is £45. Therefore in the last month we have provided a social benefit equivalent to a cash value of £1,500 to the community.

In our first year 2011-12 we delivered a total of 237 low cost sessions, a contribution to the local community worth £4,740, and for  2013-14 our contribution was 330 low cost sessions, worth a total of £6,600.  In the last year, 2014 -2015, we delivered a total of 568 low cost sessions, worth a total of £11,360 to the local community. For more information about our ongoing monthly social contribution have a look at the document ‘Reduced rate sessions offered‘ in the Downloads section of the website.


Reduced rate sessions offered‘ in the Downloads section of the website.

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